What to do after a DUI arrest

Some bad things can happen to people who’re otherwise great. There is a chance that you have committed the error of driving drunk and then being taken into custody, however it might occur that you happened to be in the wrong place and time. Whatever the case, if you are in need of the services of a Chester County DUI lawyer, it is essential to find one experienced, local and well-versed in Pennsylvania DUI law. Before getting to the point of contacting an attorney, you should know several things you must do when you are stopped for suspicion of DUI – article source!

It is crucial to determine whether police officers saw behavior which led them to suspect the driver was under of alcohol. Do police officers have the ability discern signs of drunkenness or a driver who was swerving? Was the arrest made by a DUI checkpoint? Did the accused cause an accident? Finding out this information is essential because if an officer has made an arrest that was not justified, it may be possible for the police to dismiss the evidence and charges dismissed. Police officers use the following signs to identify if someone drinks:

A wide turn radius.

Straddling the center of a Lane marker

“Appearing drunk “appearing drunk”


Speeds greater than 10 mph lower than the speed limitation

There is no reason to stop in the road

Brake is erratic

Anyone stopped in the event of suspicion of DUI does not have to reply to any questions which are intended to implicate. If you are stopped for traffic, it is acceptable to inquire to speak with your attorney. Be respectful and not overly casual with the officer(s) Your optimal course of action would be to keep your cool and calm. It might not be feasible to speak to an attorney in a timely manner. However, if you inform officers, they could think it less likely that they will interrogate the subject prior to your arrest.

You are entitled to decline a field sobriety test, or even a urine test to find out if you’ve been drinking alcohol. However, such a refusal can be perceived as admitting guilt which could have negative consequences.

In the event of your arrest for DUI If you are arrested for DUI, DUI lawyers in Philadelphia will be available to aid and defend your rights. DUI violations in Pennsylvania are divided into three groups based on blood alcohol level (BAC). BAC levels ranging from 0.08% to 0.10 percent are placed in the lower tier. For BACs that range from 0.11 percent and 0.16% fall in the middle tier. BACs above 0.16 percent place the suspect on the higher tier. The penalty requirements for each tier differ. For a better understanding of these penalties and their implications and consequences, it is important to talk with the Chester County DUI attorney with experience in dealing with these issues. If you are enrolled in the Assisted rehabilitation Disposition (ARD), a pre-trial option that is offered for non-violent offenders with no criminal record before, it might be possible to stay out of prison, and your license will only be suspended for a period of three months. It’s much more favorable than if DUI had been convicted.

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