There are many different kinds of English

English is now the 3rd most commonly spoken language on the planet after Chinese, Hindi, and other languages continue reading. This includes both first and second-language speakers. This is a result of its wide usage around the globe. This has been attributed by colonization and economic influence from USA in late 19th-century.

English has now become the dominant business language, as well as a major force in technology, communications and diplomacy. It is also the language of United Nations. English, though the global language, is not spoken and written in a uniform manner. Standard English and British English are the two main varieties of English. Oxford English Standard English are all adaptations of the same language (e.g. to ensure consistency across media, publications and more). ).

British English

British English, also known as UK English in America or the English spoken outside America, is a term that refers specifically to the English spoken in Britain. This term distinguishes UK Written English from other varieties. Commonwealth English is a better term and more widely used. British English has been the language of official writing in Britain since 1888. It is also taught to British students. British English has some localized words, however it’s the same overall.

Americans use British English as a term to describe the English language spoken in England. British speakers say that their English is “real”, while accents from other countries are not the same. In the UK however, there is a wide variety of dialects. England has a diverse spoken dialect. There are many dialects. The main difference between Wales and Scotland is the dialects.

American English

American English or US English is now the dominant form in use around the world. This form has many archaisms which are words with a different meaning that were used in colonial times but kept. They also have vocabular innovation – borrowed from French, Spanish and other North American speakers. This is in part due to USA popularity which can be seen by their products, movies, books and music.

American English not only survived in the USA but it has also grown. Both in terms of pronunciation and vocabulary, they are all based off the native languages of immigrant groups. English is the native language of South Africa, Australia, and many other countries. It is also the most widely spoken language in Bangladesh. Pakistan, India. Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. British English has a stronger impact on Indian, Australian, Singapore, South Africa or Hong Kong schools than British English. American English is the dominant language in China.

English is used in different countries and has its own variations. They are not “correct”, “incorrect”, or “correct”, but the audience they address has different expectations. Only minor differences exist between the spoken and written forms of English, such as variations in grammar, spelling and vocabulary. Speaking forms are very diverse in terms idioms. It is impossible to define a standard, official English. It does not matter whether you use American English or British English. If you want consistency, clarity and good writing, then stick to a certain type. This is an individual choice. It is not mandatory.

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