The Funniest Carpet Cleaning Stories in Sydney

The industry in which you work doesn’t matter much. In your workplace or office, you will hear many funny tales. It’s possible that these stories will also happen to you at work. Click here!

While working in different locations, as Sydney carpet cleaners we’ve been a part of many stories like this. You will be surprised by how enjoyable carpet cleaning can be.

Story #2 – OMG Story #1 – OMG!

You might have been in situations when miscommunications and deceptive messages caused you to be confused for a time. It is possible that you felt embarrassed at the time, but have later laughed a lot about it.

A client of ours is a Sydney property manager. He often asks us to clean his Sydney apartments, including carpets. They are usually empty apartments or have been rented to different people.

One day, our carpet expert went to do the cleaning of one of his vacant apartments. Our carpet cleaner was on time, and entered into Apartment #6 with the door unlocked. The manager told us this apartment is vacant. He was surprised to find a girl in some skimpy clothes inside. (Don’t ask me what she looked like!). The carpet cleaner, being the gentleman he is, simply walked out after saying many ‘Sorrys’.

The property manager gave us the wrong number. The apartment was supposed to be #6 and not #7. He did the job, and then returned to his office in a state of embarrassment. The story made us laugh.

Story 2 – From Red to Green

One day, an IT company called us to ask if we could clean their carpets. We sent out our carpet cleaning professional to do the job. The carpet cleaner arrived promptly (as usual) and immediately began cleaning. It was a holiday in the country and there was no one at work. But our cleaner worked efficiently.

He cleaned the red carpets that he had bought six months earlier. Suddenly, he realized that the part of carpet he had cleaned was now green. The carpet looked to be damaged. He was shocked.

He spent extra time and effort trying to bring back the true colour. While he was working, he took a break to reflect on the issue. He noticed after a time that, as the carpet dried, its colour returned perfectly.

After a deep sigh, he finished the job. It looked much better and the client was delighted with the end result. But we laugh at the situation, and how much trouble the cleaner must have faced.

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