Border Security Goldilocks Zone

Border Security. Just like the old family recipe, where people can’t seem to agree what to put in it. Some want their chili spicy, while others prefer milder. Even one cousin suggests chocolate. Explore this important site for key information.

Stop pretending for a second. Border protection is not building a border fence and filling the area with alligators. It’s more like being an nightclub bouncer. Keeping track of people and deciding who gets into and out without creating any problems or discomfort.

Imagine that you can keep a close eye on every person in the room. And this is exactly what governments have to do. It’s difficult to find the balance between security and openness.

Advocates of border security argue that it will keep bad actors away, people who could harm or disturb peace. However, they aren’t wrong. Uninvited visitors ruining a celebration is something no one wants. Try convincing your grandmother you ate enough during Thanksgiving Dinner.

Imagine that you never heard about K-pop and never tried it, because you didn’t know the lyrics. You might have been afraid of trying K-pop. Life is full of surprises if we are willing to step outside our comfort zone.

On a purely economic level, you could compare this to buying Baltic Avenue only when playing Monopoly. This is safer than taking the risk of Boardwalk.

Remember those stories where individuals or families tried to escape from dangerous situations with their lives? These stories are much more compelling than any television drama.

Goldilocks’ Zone: What does it mean for us and where does this leave us. It is about laws and policy that are fair but firm. Mary Poppins meets Homeland Security.

As with the debate on whether or no pineapples belong in pizza, border security discussion is a bit like that. Balance is key. People are confused and get excited.