Rhinoplasty at Seattle’s Quirky World

Seattle is a land of endless coffee and rain. Seattle’s a hot spot for sniffers. To find out more, click this link.

The choice of a doctor who can reshape your nose is not like choosing the best coffee shop in Seattle. There are many options. These surgeons are artists that have switched from paintbrushes to scalpels. They can change the shape or color of any nose.

This is the first step before you lay on the operating table. These consultations are like first dates but more productive. You will tell the doctor what you like about your nose and what you would like to change about it.

The main differences between the two methods of surgery are the open and the closed. In the former, the skin is removed from the nostrils while in the latter, the cuts are hidden within the nostrils. All depends on what you want done.

It’s not easy to recover from surgery. The pain is not pretty but beauty lies in the midst of it.

Seattle has a healing atmosphere where people don’t care if bandages are still on your face. The people are busy avoiding puddles, and debating the best coffee shop.

Seattle doctors know that no nose fits everyone. Everyone’s noses differ based on their backgrounds, etc. We want to make the changes that are right for YOU while still preserving your uniqueness. When I said unique, I meant it.

Seattle offers a wealth of experiences for those who want to try rhinoplasty. You will be surrounded by innovation, expert knowledge and a little quirkiness.

You are on your way to a smoother sea!