If you want to know if the storage locker in your home is safe, follow these steps

When you move into a smaller apartment, or stay temporarily with a member of the family, your stuff may not be big enough brilliant storage. Here’s where storage units come into play. Your belongings can be stored in a unit until you are able to make space for them back at your house. Storage lockers are usually rented for $50 or less per month at most of these facilities, which makes it an affordable investment. It is essential to check the security of your storage locker when you search for one. Security levels vary between facilities, so make an effort to visit the lockers that you intend to rent. There are a few ways that you can determine whether or not your storage lockers are secure.

On-Site guards

This means that the security of the unit you’re renting is very high. These guards receive a salary to monitor the facilities and keep intruders out. There are guards who watch over the facilities all day long. This makes it less attractive to criminals.


It is important that secure storage areas have cameras all over. The cameras should record video footage 24 hours every day. In the event that an intruder breaks into a storage locker, owners can go back and review previous videos to try and find the culprit.

Coded gate

If you are looking for a facility, it is crucial to find one with a secure gate. It is important to look for a facility with a secure gate. The only people that can enter your facility through a gate code are customers and employees.


In and outside a secured facility there will be good lighting. Good lighting can deter trespassers from breaking into a facility because they fear being caught. Make sure your lighting system is motion-sensitive.


The lockers of a good storing facility are equipped with alarms. These alarms can be used to let facility managers know the exact time each locker was opened. When an intruder attempts to open a locker, it will trigger the alarm and let the facility manager know which locker is opened.

It will save you a lot in frustration to take the time and check out all the security measures that are available at the storage facilities you plan on using. By renting a lockable locker you can minimize the chance of your items being stolen. Please do not hesitate asking someone at the facility about their security measures if you are unsure.