Superfoods Super Fibers & the Green Wave

Oh, hemp cannabis! It’s a stunning plant! Like that one friend you have who does everything well this site. Need strong fibres? Hemp can help. Need some seeds with nutritional value? Hemp again. You want something that calms you down, without getting high like a kite but still gets your blood flowing. CBD derived from hemp is a great solution!

Let’s go down memory road. Hemp used be the main fabric for many items. Hemp was used to make ropes for explorers who sailed the seven Seas as well as drafts of our Declaration of Independence. Yes, even the Declaration of Independence’s text was written on hemp-paper.

In those days, hemp, a relative of marijuana, was banned due to the THC. It was thrown out of the law because hemp, which is a cousin to marijuana, contains THC.

Hemp has a new look. The laws keep changing and hemp has a comeback fit for an old 80s flick.

What is the big buzz these days? Two words: CBD & sustainability.

Hemp is Mother Nature’s favorite. It’s the green version of a superhero. It doesn’t drink (sorry cotton!). The cotton doesn’t tolerate pesticides. Organic (thanks!) It is organic (thanks!) It also grows quicker than my backyard grass, which says a lot.

CBD is the future! The little compound is everywhere. Even coffee shops. People often post on Facebook how CBD has helped Fluffy’s back pain or helped her sleep better. Scientists have not yet studied CBD’s calming effects, but many people swear by it.

But the real kicker – it is not easy to navigate around this green wave. The laws are more confusing than the Christmas lights of last year, and hipsters like grandmas are both jumping on board this green wave.

Imagine being in your local store and finding an entire aisle devoted to hemp. From hemp, you can make creams, socks, and oils. You’re about pick up a CBD Oil bottle thinking that you may try it to treat your pesky knee issue. But wait… Is this legal? What if this makes me hungry?

You should not try to grow this! One day you may be planting your sustainable utopia. You might be planting seeds in your sustainable utopia one day, but the next you know government officials will knock on your door. Karen is next door and believes you are launching a ‘drug-empire’.

It’s hard to comprehend this green giant.

Now it’s time to dive deeper into the mysterious world of hemp marijuana. If lemons are in your life, try adding some CBD.

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