Self Storage Unit Auctions – How To Find them

Storage unit auctions became very popular in the past couple of years. The fact that these auctions are often mentioned in the press, as was the case when Rod Blagojevich, former Illinois governor’s self storage units near me went up for auction. In addition, the recent recession has led to a number of people being in a difficult financial situation and not able to pay storage bills. People who are looking to launch a home business have discovered that storage auctions can be a good source of goods to resell. Maybe you’ve heard success stories about these hidden treasures. $10 can turn into $3000 if you bet on the right storage unit. How do I find self storage auctions to get involved?

These auctions are mostly held in the United States. Of the 58,000 estimated self storage facilities in the world, 50,000 are in the USA. As a family in the modern American society, it is now common to have a storage unit. Each month, up to 100 thousand storage units are put up for auction. There are self-storage units everywhere. They’re mostly found in rural areas, industrial zones, business parks and rural areas. In major cities, you can find them less frequently in residential neighborhoods and downtown. Yellow Pages are a good place to look for self-storage units in your area. To find out more about upcoming auctions, contact each of these businesses. So you can discover those auctions which are not advertised, and that other bidders do not know about. Check your local weekly newspaper for classified ads in the section for self storage and auctions, or check public notices about “lien sales”.

It will be easier for you to choose which auctions to attend when you gather information. It will give you more time to research the storage units and estimate the type of items that will be in each unit. This information will allow you to plan your auctions around your schedule. Some storage businesses hold auctions only once or twice per year. Request to be placed on their mailing list, or to receive a call when they decide to host an auction. These businesses may also have websites where you can find out the date of their next auction. Independent auctioneers service many different storage companies and conduct most storage auctions. Auctioneers will usually dedicate a morning, or even an entire day, to holding auctions at several storage facilities located in the same city. The auction starts at a certain time in the first facility. After that, the auctioneer travels with the bidders to all the other storage facilities to complete the “roving” auction.

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