Self Storage Facility Selection

Even if you don’t want them, they are still a necessary part of today’s modern society. In the United States, nearly one-tenth of households use self storage for various reasons. Home renovations, military relocations and life’s major events, such as a divorce, birth of a child, death in the family or marriage, are all reasons why people use self-storage. The most popular reasons for using self-storage are: moving, home renovations, military deployments and major life events (marriage/divorce or a child’s birth or a family death). For either personal or professional reasons – more about the author.

It is possible that you do not have the knowledge to pick a self-storage facility for your items, regardless of why this may be necessary. We will show you how to choose the most suitable self-storage facility for your specific needs. This checklist will help you find the best storage unit.

Many people keep their valuables in close proximity to where they work and live. If you have easy access to your items, it will give you a sense of security. If you don’t plan to use your storage space very often, this may not be as important. Also, it is important to think about how easily accessible the unit is. You can find it on or near a busy road. Does it have a rural location? Make sure you choose a place with low crime rates and clean surroundings.

The self-storage units have all the necessary security measures. If you have to enter the storage unit in the dark, it is essential that your facility has bright lighting. A perimeter fence with coded access, closed circuit television or video surveillance are also recommended. It’s reasonable to expect your valuables are available at all times.

UNIT SIZES – Storage units come in a variety of sizes. Most often, you can choose between 5×5 and 5 feet wide by 5 foot long. The size can go up to 10″x30″, depending on how big your building is. You will need to consider your needs when choosing the right size unit. You may not know what unit size to select if you’re using storage for the first time. The property manager can be a valuable resource. A property manager will make recommendations based on what you intend to store. The manager must show you the storage unit. To determine the correct size, the manager will show you the actual storage unit.

While price may be a major factor when selecting self-storage space, it is not always the top of your list. Truthfully, most people would be willing to pay more for an apartment that offers features they find valuable and is suitable for their needs. It is true that in self-storage you get what your pay for. The most affordable storage facility might not be the best. You’ll probably be able to find out what makes the facility cheaper. You can find out why the facility is cheaper. Perhaps there are no video cameras in place, or it has a gate with a passcode. It makes it less secure. The building could be old or poorly maintained. A neglected, filthy property is not a good place to store your valuables. You should avoid storage units that have rates much lower than the ones of their competition. Visit any facility you consider before deciding. You should ask about special offers and rates that the storage facility has. In the current economic climate, discounts are available on self-storage.

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