Renew Wellness & Recovery: Magic of Trauma Informed Wellness

When you step into Renew Wellness and Recovery’s warm embrace, an exclusive drug rehab for females, there is more to it than the promise of a sober life. The vision here is very clear. It’s all about healing a soul that has been scarred by trauma, and bringing a better, more fulfilling future. Click here.

Many women who seek addiction treatment have a history of trauma. These traumas, whether they are childhood events, turbulent relationships or violent incidents, can linger and become the invisible chain that binds women to addiction. Renew Wellness & Recovery is acutely aware of the pain that lies deep within. The trauma-informed treatment doesn’t only skim over the surface, but goes deep to help heal old wounds.

The use of expressive and experiential techniques is central to the process. Renew is not a traditional therapy, but focuses on helping women process traumas holistically and in a variety of ways. It could range from role-playing exercises, in which women face their pasts, to expressive art therapies where feelings are expressed through music, painting, and dance.

These techniques are non-verbal in nature, which is their beauty. The trauma of a victim can leave them voiceless and unable to express the extent of their suffering. Renew offers avenues to heal and process trauma without the use of words.

Renew’s trauma-informed method goes beyond these techniques to create a space of safety. Women are heard and understood in a safe space. It’s a place that doesn’t only acknowledge past trauma but actively works through it. Staff here are trained to not only recognize signs of trauma, but also to treat them sensitively.

Renew’s trauma-informed healing approach offers the hope that, with the proper tools, support and environment, you can revisit the past, heal old wounds, and create a more bright and whole future.

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