Refresh Your Relationship Therapist with Couples Counseling by pressing the Refresh Button


Imagine sitting on an uncomfortable couch with two people who are supposedly in a similar relationship. They’re trying to avoid all eye contact – with either each other or with the counselor. It is not as important to blame your partner for the problems you are facing in daily life. For more details, click site to explore our services.

Let’s debunk a few myths. Counseling is not about your relationship hanging by a thread.

We all believe that we can communicate our needs and wants clearly. However, our partner may interpret our words as gibberish. For example, “I just want some help around the house,” could be translated to “You’re always doing something wrong.” “Yikes! Counseling sessions help you learn how to communicate with others without being a jerk. You could compare it to painting by number, only with your words.

Also, there are those expectations. The little things that cause fights can be as dramatic as a full length soap opera. Counseling may reveal hidden issues, such as who should do what and when. Both parties are able to change their perspectives and gain a better understanding of the other party’s point-of-view.

But, hey! Couples’ counseling isn’t always a doomsday scenario. When you reconnect, you can feel the warm fuzzies.

Think of your relationship as a beautiful garden. But, sometimes we forget irrigating for days, or have weeds. And, sometimes, we get storms. Like gardening gloves and watering containers, counseling can help you tidy up and promote growth.

Couples therapy can be described as a rollercoaster. Self-reflection can be likened to a rollercoaster, with steep hills and rapid descents.

Couples therapy is all about resetting your browser if you find it is glitching. Instead of throwing the whole computer away because “it is slow”, just refresh the page. Don’t be afraid to try it. You might find that you fall in love again, this time with better internet.

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