Plastic Surgery Is Different From Cosmetic Surgery

Both plastic and cosmetic surgery are considered the same read here. Both terms refer to a procedure that involves a cosmetic surgeon using surgical techniques to manipulate specific parts of the body. But, Guest Posting there are differences between the two terms when it comes to why a patient would seek a plastic surgeon. Plastic surgery is designed to restore shape or function to the selected body part. Cosmetic surgery is intended to restore the form. Most patients choose this type of surgery solely for aesthetic reasons.

Cosmetic surgery, like any other surgery, is always an elective surgery. The majority of patients opt for cosmetic surgery to improve a general aspect of their body such as the face or stomach. But patients who undergo plastic surgery may not be seeking elective surgery. Patients may be suffering from an injury or trauma which has caused them to lose the ability to use certain body organs. This includes the nose or breasts. Skin grafts were performed by a surgeon on a severely-injured soldier who suffered a face disfigurement as a result from combat. Although these patients don’t always require plastic surgery to restore functionality to these body components, this type can greatly improve both function and form.

Rhinoplasties or breast enhancements are examples of cosmetic plastic surgery that can also be done as an elective procedure. In order to restore shape to a blocked nostril cavity, for example, many patients opt to undergo a Rhinoplasty. Women who undergo a masectomy often opt for breast augmentation to restore shape to the breasts that were removed during the procedure. Some patients seek a Rhinoplasty if their nose is not the right size or shape. A breast enhancement can also be performed on younger women in order to increase the size of their breasts. Breast reductions also fall under the plastic surgery category. This procedure may be required for patients with breasts which are too large. These can cause severe pain in the back and hinder normal activities.

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