NBA Fantasy Basketball and How The Game Changed

The NBA has a different style and teams have to adjust by switching up their line-ups. In the old days, big men such as Kevin Garnett or Shaquille, O’neal and Pau Gasol dominated teams. The guards were able to complement the players and lead to dominance. Today, big men like these are extinct unless the can switch their style. Three-pointers have made the NBA a very high-scoring league. More than ever before, the NBA is seeing teams hit record-breaking three point attempts, more bonuses?

The three-pointer category in fantasy basketball is saturated. Players who can shoot threes will get more fantasy points, regardless of the format. The reason why Steve Kerr is opting to go with a 4 out 1 in approach instead of the traditional big man minutes for under-athletic players, it’s easy to see.

Fantasy basketball players have had to adapt their strategies in order to keep up with the changes. Drafting players who cannot play at the stretch positions in daily fantasy formats like DraftKings, Fanduel or DraftKings can have a negative impact on your team.

Deandre Drummond, Jahlil OKafor, or Deandre Jordon are examples of former players who dominated on the glass. These guys scored many easy points, blocked shots, and grabbed rebounds. Today, these players are less productive and score less because three-pointers are very hard to defend. It is because of this that players such as these perform poorly in any format, unless they are in a category-based league where blocks count towards the rules. As the player rating clearly shows, these players are not as good as Al Horford or Giannis Antetokounmpo. In the last few years the need for the big man has decreased, as the sport is now more about stretch players.

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