Melbourne’s Sinking Sense: Solving Subsidence Issues with a Smiling Face

Ah, Melbourne. Melbourne is known for its art-filled streets, coffee culture and iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground. Subsidence is a problem that homeowners in Melbourne face. Subsidence, or the sinking of ground under a building, is a common phenomenon that can cause uneven floors and cracks on walls. In severe cases it may even lead to structural damage. What’s the solution making all of the waves? Underpinnings! We’ll dive in to some of the most common issues with subsidence that affect our city, and discuss how we can address these problems using a bit of optimism and lots of knowledge. Industry news.

The Clay Soil Problem: Melbourne soil contains a high percentage of clay, which expands and contracts with moisture. It can cause foundations to have a yoyo effect. Imagine the house doing a cha-cha dance with the earth! What’s the key? Adequate drainage. A good drainage system will prevent the clay from swelling due to excess water. This keeps the dancing to a minimum.

The roots of trees and vegetation can cause soil shrinkage. What is the remedy? Check the area around large trees regularly. Get an arborist to give you advice. You may also want to invest in root barriers.

The ground can sink if there are leaks in the plumbing. DIY solution? Checks for regular maintenance! Know your plumbing system, and repair any leaks that may occur before it becomes a major problem.

You may be facing a rough ride if your house was constructed on fill that is not properly compacted or without the proper support of a foundation. Underpinning is often the solution to strengthen and stabilize your foundation.

Ground shifting can be caused by natural causes. Even though earthquakes are rare, they do occur. We can’t stop Mother Nature but we can ensure that our houses are built according to the current codes and standards to be able to resist such events.

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