Learn if carpets can be cleaned with pet waste

What do you think? Do you know what to do if an accident happens? If your dog is in the process of potty learning and pees on carpet, it could also be because your older cat doesn’t have enough kitty-litter. How do you remove cat or dog urine in an organic way? check helpful resources.

Even after washing your carpet, and paying attention to the animal, the smell might still be present. The spring season is the perfect time to target problem areas.

White Vinegar

If your carpets are still wet, you can neutralize urine odors with white vinegar. The vinegar works on odors or stains that have lasted for years. If you rub the affected area, the stain will penetrate further into the carpet fibers. Then, pour generously over the area. Mix vinegar in equal quantities with water. Next, wipe the area thoroughly and allow it to air-dry. Using a fan can help speed the process up. When the area is dried up, vacuum.

Baking Soda

Pour a dry urine mark, generously sprinkle with baking soda. Allow it to set for about two hours.

Club Soda

When you need to treat carpets that are soiled from pets, club soda works well. Club soda will only work when bubbles are visible. It is possible that you need to repeat this treatment multiple times. Pour soda on the top. When the fizzing liquid is finished, repeat if you need to. Baking soda will be needed if the stain you are trying to remove is older.

Bleach Try bleach dilute in water on carpets that are lighter. For each part water, use 1 part chlorine. Use a spray bottle to apply the bleach mixture. Then, rinse it thoroughly using warm tap water. Continue this until you no longer see the blemish.

You can test the bleach on a hidden surface if in doubt. Bleach needs to be left on the carpet for a minimum of one minute. The solution can be used on the other carpeted areas as long as there is not discoloration.

The formula is not safe to use for carpets. If you leave the mixture unattended, it may cause a reaction. Leave no leftovers. To ensure safety, consult professionals.

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