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When you first moved into a new house continue reading, you may have been attracted to the soft, lush carpet. This is a common feeling among many people in the Lane Cove community, and it’s one of the reasons why carpet cleaners Lane Cove are so important to local homeowners. Regular carpet cleansing not only increases the lifespan of your carpets, but also offers numerous health and cosmetic benefits. Let’s dive right in!

1. Breathe Easier With Fewer Allergens

Your carpet is a sponge that can absorb all kinds of things, including dust, pet hair, pollen and allergens. These particles accumulate and can make the air quality of your home less-than-ideal. Regular carpet cleansing removes these allergens allowing your family and you to breathe easier. The Lane Cove area is full of trees and natural beauty, so pollen is an issue. It’s important to not allow it to settle in your house!

2. Bacteria & Mould Say Goodbye

Carpets may also harbor mould and bacteria that are harmful. This is true in particular if you spilled anything on your carpet, or it’s been exposed to high moisture. Regular cleaning removes the harmful pathogens and prevents their growth.

3. Enhance Aesthetic Appeal

Recall the time when your new carpet was still brand-new. It was soft, brightly colored, and may have even smelled “fresh” when it was new. Over time daily wear, spills and stains may make the carpet look less than it once did. Regular cleaning will restore its vibrancy and make your room appear refreshed.

4. Extend the Life of Your Carpet

Dirt and debris stuck in your carpets can act like sandpaper. Each step can cause these particles to wear out carpet fibres. This can affect the appearance of your carpet, as well as drastically reduce its lifespan. Cleaning your carpet regularly will remove these abrasive sand particles, keeping it in top condition for years.
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