How do you clean carpets professionally?

Professional cleaners use tools that are effective in combating moisture. If your carpet is dirty, it’s more likely to grow mildew or mold if exposed to moisture. Carpet Cleaning should be a priority for every household – extra resources!

Rug cleaners use at least two different cleaning methods. Water and cleaning agents are used in the wet method to clean. Dry method: a product is applied to the carpet fiber and removed by vacuuming.

Hot water extraction is the most popular wet cleaning technique. Many people mistakenly believe that it is steam cleaning. However, the hot water being sprayed out of the machine under pressure of thousands of pounds, does not contain steam. It is a very powerful force that instantly creates a spray of high pressure. Water injected into the fibres of the rug loosens dirt, which is then vacuumed back up by the machine.

Dry cleaning does not use water. A small amount of an absorptive mixture is sprayed on the rug, and then brushed across with a brush. A commercial vacuum cleaner is used to remove the dirt and grime. Dry cleaning has the main benefit that you can walk straight on your rug after it is dry. It is a very useful method for large corporations, such as care homes and hospitals. Dry carpet cleaning is a great option for any community facility that needs to remain open. Cleaning won’t interrupt your normal day.

Do some research before choosing the agency you plan to hire. You can ask the company about their processes, the services they offer and the prices. You should always hire an agency with affordable rug cleaning rates, but still receive high-quality services. It’s worth reading online reviews to find out what previous customers had to say about the company you are considering.

There are many benefits to hiring professional carpet cleaners:

These professionals have the knowledge to know which cleaning method is best for each type of carpet.

Carpet cleaners provide all the equipment needed for the job.

Stains can be removed by using the right detergent. The right product is essential.

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