Get to the Root of Rug Cleaning with Pre-Treatment

How do experts, such as the team from Rug Cleaning Northern Beaches remove those stubborn stains? How do you explain the disappearance of that dirt which had been residing in your rug for years after professional cleaning? Pre-treatment is the secret to rug cleaning wikipedia reference.

Pre-treatment is a fancy term. Pre-treatment sounds fancy! It’s true. You don’t have to be fancy. Just be thorough and efficient. Let’s get the scoop on this hidden gem.

The pre-treatment acts as a warm-up for a major workout. As our muscles respond better after stretching, rugs also respond better to a pre-treatment. This involves spraying a solution on the rug prior to cleaning. It is designed to break down soils and oils that may have found their way into your rug’s fibers.

Imagine that you’ve got an unsightly grease stain in your rug. It was caused by a pizza that went down during movie time. If you clean the rug immediately, you may spread the grease all over or force it into the fibers. Pre-treatment is better. The grease will be broken down to make it easier to remove during the main clean-up process.

Not just stains, either! Pre-treatments are also effective against allergens and pet odors. Pre-treatment solutions can be compared to the Swiss Army knife in the world of rug cleaning. They prepare the rug for deeper and more effective cleaning.

The real magic is in the pre-treatment. Different rugs or stains might require different solutions. Rug Cleaning Northern Beaches is a company that has a great understanding of the importance of pre-treatment. They know that silk rugs and woolen rugs are two separate beasts. Each rug deserves its own unique care.

Pre-treatment is the key to a successful cleaning session. This ensures all cleaning steps, be they steam cleaning or shampooing or even dry cleaning, are more effective. The result? It’s a rug that looks and feels clean.
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