Drunk Driving and Drinking During the Christmas Season and How a Dui Lawyer Can Help

The offence of Driving While Under influence, or as some define it, Driving impaired, is a serious one that is punishable. The stigma that surrounds this offense stems from its potential to cause injuries and its perpetrators have full knowledge about the possibility. The laws that govern DUIs and DWIs get more severe each year to deter impaired drivers. However, since DUI law and the penalties for it vary in each state, a DUI lawyer is often necessary in order to defend yourself properly against this type of charge.

The temptation: Unfortunately, those who are celebrating the holiday season don’t think about the likelihood of facing penalties for driving drunk. Their main focus is on having fun, taking a break from the office and having a fun time. In the majority of cases, this means drinking an excess amount of alcohol. When one’s brain becomes addled and arouses, the risks of drinking and driving become easily forgotten.

Even a few drinks can result in an arrest for DUI. In the case of a minor traffic violation can result in being subjected to an in-person field sobriety exam, a test for Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) or having your breath analyzed to reveal your level of intoxication. In most states, a BAC of 0.08 is considered to be the legal threshold, while a higher amount is considered to constitute the issuance of a DUI.

There are several punishments for DUI. The most common are stiff penalty fines, community services and temporary suspensions. In addition, depending on the condition of the driver, their vehicle could be confiscated and the court might impose mandatory counseling, have you placed on home arrest, and even have breath analyzers installed on your vehicle. All of this will come from the pocket of the person who has been found guilty. Penalties increase with each repeated offense within a period of 10 years after the previous.

Other consequences extend beyond the penalty that is prescribed by the court. Penalties, the jail sentence, and any other costs could cause financial difficulties, particularly for people of low or middle-class. This will have a negative effect on job opportunities as well. Social isolation could also result from imprisonment. Anyone who makes more and are able to pay for the penalties, the penalties can become a significant burden. They can easily take the fun out of the holiday.

It is possible to defend yourself at court. An uninitiated person’s knowledge of the law will not be enough to be able to defend themselves. The reason is that the laws change constantly and each state follows its individual laws. However, even a DUI attorney doesn’t try to be an expert on every DUI statute, but is specialized in the one or two.

Accepting a lawyer appointed by the court could be an option. However, they is not able to provide you with the same degree of defense that a DUI attorney could provide. The amount that court-appointed lawyers are given is smaller than one that is provided by the prosecutor, so they’re not able to help someone facing DUI charge.

It is better to hire a DUI attorney, even if it costs more. The lawyer can determine which strategy is most efficient for the situation. Additionally, the lawyer knows the best strategies and methods to discover loopholes in the law for clients.

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