Drug Addiction Myths busted: What they are and what they really mean

Drug addiction is a subject that has a lot of misinformation. You must know how to separate truth from fiction when you are trying to find treatment renew wellness and recovery for your addiction or that of a loved-one. Making bad decisions because of misinformation in the complicated and dangerous world that is addiction can have serious consequences. For people to understand what addiction is really, let’s look at some of the myths they have.

Addiction to Drugs is a choice.

The first time that you consume the substance or drink it can be a matter of personal preference, but it’s still vital to point out the harmful effects. In turn, drugs change the person’s mind and make them addicted. Even though no one would like to become addicted, those who are “first timers”, do not realize how slowly they’re being controlled.

Weak people are most likely to be drug addicts

Sportsmen, lawyers, physicians and other professionals who have suffered from drugs are a clear example of the damage that these substances can cause. The danger of drugs is universal. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, if you have a certain race, ethnicity and physical appearance, or if your fitness levels are high.

Prescribed drugs are generally safe, and they do not lead to addiction.

There is no difference between a drug that is prescribed for humans and one that is abused. You should follow your doctor’s instructions to avoid any drug abuse.

The person addicted to drug should reach out for help themselves

The addict can seek rehab on his or her own. However, family members and loved ones are more likely to help. The need to intervene is to limit the physical and psychological damage caused by drugs. When you have a friend or family member who has a problem with drug addiction, bring them to a treatment center immediately.

The rehab process can be completed in one week

It can vary depending on the individual. Drug rehabilitation programs are usually months long or longer depending on how much and what kind of drug the individual has taken. If you shorten the period of rehabilitation, it will make the program less effective.

When women complete a rehab, it’s all over.

An aftercare program for drug rehab is essential to its success. An aftercare program must be introduced to guide the patient and ensure continued treatment when the person leaves rehab. In order to help the patient, it is vital that family members or close friends accompany them.

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