Does This Surgery Suit Me?

When describing Asian-styled eyelids, double eyelids refer to a fold on the upper lid just above the eyelashes with an eyelid platform that is open. The eyelids differ widely, and not one eyelid has a double folded eyelid. This fold occurs because of the crease running along the edge. This is a fold that was defined by the attachment of the eyelid skin to the tendon which raises the upper lid. The double folds are a way to define your upper lid. Both men and woman find them attractive. The platform is used to cover the eyelids of women and for applying makeup – more help.

Can double Asian eyelid surgery Westernize my eyes?

It’s not true that the procedure of double eyelids is meant to “westernize” eyes, as many people believe. Asians either have a single eyelid, or a pair of doubles. Some people who don’t have double-eyelids wish they did. But they fear that it will “westernize” them. The description of the surgery is inaccurate. This description is sometimes used in articles that are written by individuals who may not understand why the surgery was performed. To give eyelids an appearance that is more natural, the double-fold surgery involves creating a distinct fold. This is achieved by creating a lower fold, removing only a tiny amount of skin and maintaining the natural appearance. Some surgeons create a fold that is far too deep or remove too many layers of skin. Poorly designed surgeries can harm the overall look. It is important to only consult an eyelid specialist with experience who knows the process. The natural eyelids are preserved while the definition of eyelids is enhanced according to your desire.


There are two different ways to make a double fold. Asians make double folds using temporary stitches. As threads always fall apart, they are not the permanent solution. In double eyelid surgery, some tissue is removed from the upper eyelid at the platform. This allows for a more defined eyelid fold. It is essential to retain the Asian look of the upper eyelid while adding an upper eyelid fold.

Several of these surgeries can be done using local anesthesia. It takes about 10 days to recover. It includes all visible bruising and swelling. In a matter of a week, the majority of stitches will have been removed. To make the scar permanent, three small stitches are left in place. Most people do not know they have had surgery for about 10 to 14 days.

What happens if I have small eyes?

You can measure the size of a person’s eyes by observing how much the white, or sclera part is visible. This can happen when the upper lid ptosis, “droopy”, or the eyes are set deep. Depending on your condition, you will receive a different surgical treatment. Many double-eyelid procedures make eyes look larger. The double eyelid surgeries do so by adding definition. Flexibility and careful consideration of all options are the best approaches. It is important to note that surgery on small eyes cannot be compared with standard procedures or surgeries. This must be customized for the individual patient.

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