Carpet Cleaning Tips

Even though many people are interested in carpet cleaning check that, hiring a professional is not always an alternative. It can be difficult to get your carpets as spotless as a pro cleaner. However, with these carpet cleaning tips you can keep the look of your home fresh.

Use heat

Almost always you will need to use extremely warm water to clean your carpet. Professional carpet cleaners often use heat in order to clean your carpet. The best results are achieved when the temperature of the water is between 150degF to 200degF. Steam cleaning your carpet is the best way to achieve the cleanest results.

Steam cleaning carpets depends on three factors. This includes the temperature of the water as well the agitation. If you cannot maximize these factors, then it is suggested that you try compensating in another area. Allow the solution to stay on the carpet for a longer time if water is too hot.

Use Detergent

Steam cleaning requires detergent. Detergent attracts dirt particles. It is important to rinse the carpet at least three times in order to maximize detergent effectiveness. This allows the detergent to work effectively without having to pass dirty water from one rug onto another.

Shop Vac

A shop-vac is the best way to eliminate stubborn stains. The stain on carpet may require multiple attempts. The shop vacuum works better than attempting the task manually.


Many carpet cleaners recommend placing mats, rugs or both outside and inside of the front door. This will prevent any stains. These rugs trap dust outside the home and keep them out. This reduces vacuuming and protects the carpet. Dirt damages carpet fibers irreparably. Carpet fibers that are damaged can stain a carpet faster and make it more difficult for you to remove. You should remove your footwear before entering the home to prevent dirt.

You can use a portable vaporizer to clean your carpet. Be sure to make the water as hot and dried as possible. You can use fans after you’ve cleaned your carpet to quickly dry it. These tips ensure a fresh carpet for a longer period of time. These tips will ensure that your carpets look great in between professional cleanings.

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