Carpet cleaning: A Complete Guide to Drying Times

People are most interested in knowing how long carpets take to dry after professional cleaning. Customers are equally interested in this question and the cost. It seems that they have heard about cheap carpet cleaning leaving your carpets moist for days. Most of the time, this happens because you are using the wrong techniques.

Carpets that have been properly cleaned should dry quickly within one day – extra resources?

Keep in mind, however, that this depends on how well the carpets are maintained. As some carpets are made of different materials and have different textures, it may take much longer. As an example, wool-based carpets absorb more liquid than synthetic carpets. Polypropylene, which is synthetic, does not absorb water at all, and the water stays on top, giving the impression that it’s wet longer.

Determining the amount of soil and drying time is also based on how much it weighs. When the soil is saturated and dirty, it takes more liquid or effort to get it loose.

You should also consider the humidity of the air and the temperature. In humid climates or on cold days it may take longer for the room to dry. As air is not moving as freely, evaporation takes longer. Air containing more water slows the process and makes moisture less absorbable. A hairdryer, for example, uses warm air that evaporates faster. A hair dryer that blows hot and dry air dries the hair much faster than one with a low temperature setting. In the same vein, since we’re talking hair here, you can also state that longer hair will take longer to dry. Like the hair, a shaggy floor will need more drying time.

The technique also plays a major role in whether carpets are able to dry more quickly. Everything depends on the cleaning method. Some carpet cleaning firms use low-moisture methods, like encapsulation. As less water is being used, it takes less time for the carpet to be dried. But encapsulation only works on lightly-soiled and not heavily-soiled carpets. You should also consider sanitation problems such as urine, vomiting, or pet accidents. It is also important to consider the type of equipment you use. This will affect how long it takes the carpets dry. Do not expect quality when you pay less. AJS Carpet Cleaning South Jordan is an example of a company that uses truck mounted engine which are 10 times more powerful compared to rented carpet machines.

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