Building A Foundation

To support their development read this, it’s important to establish solid foundations with children right from the start. To support their development, you need to make sure children have the solid foundations they need. The spring season has finally arrived in Michigan. There are many construction projects underway in Michigan now that spring has arrived. When I see foundations being poured, whether for a school, home or business, I am reminded of the foundations needed to be successful in my own life.

Right from the beginning, children are given the tools they need to succeed in life. Children learn quickly that when they cry, their caregivers come to comfort them; when they drop something, another person picks it back up; or when they make noises and someone responds. These interactions lay the groundwork for relationships lasting a lifetime. Children are developing and growing in a number of different areas. The foundations of some children’s lives are not set in the first years. Some of the reasons may be internal problems (ex. The cause of this can be internal disregulation (ex. Living conditions). What ever the reason, building on a foundation with a poor quality is very difficult. The foundations of children that are lacking will require a chance for them to return and rebuild these foundations. Here is where remediation comes in.

Many of the children in my care are missing key foundational components for developing lasting relationships and a high quality of existence. The parents of these kids have sought a remediation program. Our message to parents is that laying a solid foundation begins with the parent. I spend a good deal of my time talking to parents about how they can build a foundation that supports the rest their remediation programs. We emphasize that treatment will be doomed if the foundation is not solid. Horizons’ consultants agree that a solid basis is built on the foundation of a well-established master/apprentice partnership and the commitment to sharing experience within the entire family. Without this foundation, a house will eventually fall apart.

The task of building a better foundation for your child becomes easier once you have laid your own foundation. Each child can benefit from the process of building a foundation. Some children could be lacking the left cornerstone and others might have missing bits here and there. Parents can support their children, no matter where the missing pieces are. They will help them strengthen the foundation for a longer lasting structure. Horizons is working with families and children to help them achieve their goals.

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