Answers to Common Self Storage FAQs

Houston storage units provide a comfortable place to store and stack items until needed again. The trend to hire such storage facilities has been catching on with the economy’s ever-changing nature. Before you decide to rent one out, there are a few things that you should know. Get more info?

Self-storage is available to anyone.

Self-storage facilities can be rented out by the following people:


Entrepreneurs – Business owners – retailers, wholesalers and online setups

Students can also benefit from this program

Vacation Goers

2. What is allowed to be kept in self-storage?

Home furnishings, sporting equipment, gardening tools, documents and paper, clothes for the season, artifacts and home furniture, business seasonal inventory, holiday gear, cars and vehicles, and vacation equipment can all be stored in Houston.

3. What about my possessions?

Self-storage units that are reputable have both human and technical security systems. They have everything from security guards on site 24/7, to the latest in surveillance systems and cameras. For added security, each facility has its own lock.

4. Which type of storage do I require?

You can choose between a standard storage facility or one with climate-control technology. Choose the storage facility based on the items that will be stored. Items that are damaged by extreme temperatures and humidity should be stored in climate controlled units. It will cost more money to keep your items in a climate-controlled unit.

5. Do they come in other sizes?

There are different sizes of self storage units. You can choose between mini-storage in Houston and larger facilities, depending on the size of your items. Sizes range between 7X6 up to 10X30X10. The size of each facility can be adjusted to suit different requirements. Before finalizing a deal, know your requirements and needs.

6. What is the charge per hour?

Self-storage units vary in price according to their size. Rents will increase as the unit size increases. Some store locations in Houston do offer discounted prices. The discounts apply if you have pre-booked the unit or are renting it for a relatively long period of time. Renting in advance can also save you money.

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